Why gotW3?

Lightning Fast 4G Speeds


We use the fastest 4G and LTE towers available. This isn't a hotspot. Its a router with direct ethernet connection or wireless.

No Contracts/No Credit Checks


Most internet service providers make you sign a 2-3 year agreement and run your credit. We have NO Contracts and NO Credit Checks.


No Data Limits/Throttling


Most service providers will cap your data usage at 20GB, 30GB or more. Your speeds begin to decrease and over charges begin to occur. With gotW3 there is NO Data Limits and NO Throttling.

Why TotalSECURE?


 New digital threats appear every day, but with SecureIT, you get industry-leading essential protection, plus the convenience of never needing to update your software. SecureIT works silently in the background, protecting computers and mobile devices from all manner of threats.  


 TotalTECH Premium provides you with 24/7/365 IT Support for a quick fix to common issues so that you can enjoy your technology. Via toll-free phone and chat our US-based technical support team will diagnose and remotely connect to your devices to resolve virtually any technology issue.  


Protect your most important documents, photos, music, and more!


Security software is your secure digital wallet for desktop and mobile devices.


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- M. Scarcella, Aitkin MN

... "This LTE service has been working super.  We have been living in rural MN for 15 years and have tried everything to improve our internet service.  We started with dialup, switched to Wild Blue satellite internet, then to DSL from CenturyLink all of those ISP’s had outages constantly.  We now have your LTE RURAL service from gotW3. I’ve worked in data communications my entire career and am hooked on technology, we use Alexa from Amazon, we stream movies from Netflix, we use FaceTime, we have a Ring doorbell, we are connected to a home weather station from Lacrosse, we monitor temperature in my wife’s playhouse with SensorPush and watch her playhouse fish tank with aqua view camera, we also have several surveillance cameras all this on top of normal internet services.  With all these devices and the bandwidth your service provides we couldn’t be happier.  I’m keeping my DSL service for home use when we travel because we’ve now installed the GotW3 modem in our RV and today I’m sitting in Texas with access to all our home devices plus RV internet both when camping and when driving down the highway.

I’m a happy camper, here’s wishing you and GotW3 a very blessed Thanksgiving!"

- B. Lanagan, Emory TX

... "I recently moved from the big city with “decent” internet to the quiet isolation of the country. It never occurred to me that internet service would be lacking, until I was told that my only choice was satellite (HughesNet or Excede), although they both offered “unlimited data”(until you get to 50GB, then it’s dial up speed. I work from home and a pretty heavy data user, so I was very frustrated until I finally talked to someone who recommended got3.

High speed internet via Cell Tower utilization sounded a bit like witchcraft to me, but with a no contract, unlimited data plan and 14 days to decide, I figured I would give it a try.  My router arrived, plugged it in and in about 3 minutes I had 5 devices connected, with over 20 Mbps down.  2 months in and I’m thrilled - sure we occasionally have some slow time, but this is so much more reliable than my last point to point service.

The equipment and service is about as effortless as it gets. You have a question, an email gets you a fast response (never needed to call). Don’t sign a contract with satellite until you at least give these guys a try! "

- D. Johnson, Los Angeles CA

  ... "This is really a great solution for me.  I'm a student and yes (I can get cable internet) but I move around a lot with my friends, family and frat bothers.  I just pick my modem up and take it with me and I have my unlimited data internet service with me.  Since I'm in town with cellular towers everywhere there's no place I can't go without my internet. " 

- A. Mendez, Mayflower AR

 ... "This product is a life saver due to there was no internet company that could service my area. I was on the verge of looking for another place to live due to this situation but with some research I was able to find gotW3 internet and it was what we needed to support my whole households internet needs. I really would recommend that you try it, no contacts and you can take the modem wherever there is mobile internet service. This product works great." 

- A. Sandlin, Morgantown WV

... "I CANNOT thank you enough not only for your understanding but your compassion as well. gotW3 has the best customer service and experience than I've seen in a very long time and I'm in the customer service business.  gotW3 is not only a product I stand by but their customer experience stands up to the best.  Thank you David (gotW3) for all your support when it was very much needed. " 

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